Tuesday, April 1, 2014


The propagation table is a wood box on legs, lined with plastic to hold water. The totes below hold water, fish, a biofilter, and a small pump to operate the filter and deliver water to the growing area. A float switch turns the pump diverter solenoid on/off to auto fill the grow bed when needed. If the plants need additional fertilizer I can add it through time release granules (organic) in the container media. This system does not recirculate grow bed water back to the fish tank.
I have several versions of this system that combine the advantages of using cold blooded animal poop (fish, worms,frogs,etc.) as an organic fertilizer in my grow systems.
I hope this helps and encourages you to build and try your own techniques.
Good home grown food is our objective. And a few flowers for the soul doesn't hurt.
PS. In addition to the garden veggies, I grow goldfish and catfish in my systems.

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